West Area (2020)


Reclamation work consists of replacing all pavement, repairing and/or upgrading storm sewers and sanitary sewers, and spot replacement of curbs.  These areas include:

  • Hennen Road Area
  • Forest Glen Area
  • Dakota Place Area

Rehabilitation work consists of replacing the top 2" of pavement and spot replacement of curbs.  These areas include:

  • 141st St.
  • 143rd Circle
  • Nicollet Court




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January 21, 2020

The City Council ordered the project and advertisement for bids.  See the "Links" section of the page for the public hearing presentation slides.

March 17, 2020

City Council to consider award of contract

April or May, 2020

Pre-Construction Open House

April - October, 2020

Construction Season

September, 2020

Final Assessment Hearing

Spring 2021

Final Completion